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The deafening background noise of the all-connected society makes it being heard almost mission impossible.  We have therefore made a conscious decision to “lower our voices” instead. This blog will be a quiet and slow-paced discussion on a number of subjects in Photography that are dear to us and hopefully interesting to others as well.

The blog obeys to one overarching guideline: maximum respect for the readers’ time. We will work very hard to make sure that readers will never say “what a waste of my time” after reading a post. We may intrigue, surprise, infuriate, entertain, enrage readers but hopefully never bore them. And, yes, from time to time we will also fail and disappoint some readers, but never because we were sloppy, but because our intellectual limitations showed up in full force.

As the tag line says, we want to reflect on Photography. We shall focus on various theoretical aspects of Photography, including aesthetics, philosophy, and perception;  we will deal with fine-art photography in general, including the business;  once in a while we will also introduce some practical, light-weight topic that intrigued us in spite of playing a marginal role in today’s photography.

We will try to be respectful of age-old guidelines that have served the academic community well – accurately citing other authors’  works, for instance – without being either too stiff or (God forbid!) self-referential. In other instances we will offer “loose thoughts,” but always adhering to the one guideline introduced above, i.e., respecting our readers’ time.


Hanni and Marco, a.k.a. the Twelve-Tone Photographers 🙂

Berlin, 11.06.2015

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